Friday, June 18, 2010

Baby Henny!
She was so tiny. This was the day I bought her, and Spunky, from Tractor Supply. =)
I figured i'd post this here, above the recent photo. lol

The lil chicks, growing up! =)

More Spring 2010 photos!

The baby chicks, all grown up!
..Well, almost grown up. "Growing" up! lol

Henny on the left, and Spunky-Rooster on the right.
At least, I am assuming he's a Cockerel and she's a pullet?
...Oh, and Bucky duck in the background! =)

They are getting big fast. Still working on the chicken coop!

Raising some tiny chicks, again, have 12 chicks (3 Polish, 2 Rhode Island Reds, a Silkie, what seems to be a Splash Cochin, 2 Barred Rock chicks, a couple "Easter Egger" chicks (I assume, was told they lay colorful eggs), and a bigger (2-3 week old) black chick - a Black Sexlink?

Oh, and have a little Indian Runner duck growing up with them.. lol

..And, i'm getting some assorted laying hens from a farmer on Sunday, some Golden Comets, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Delawares, etc! So, i'd better get that coop built fast! lol

(Henny and Spunky's "baby pics" are below further down in the blog, and I have a video posted on here too, under my YouTube vids!)

Duke, with cats...and weeds...on him.

He always lays where I am tossing weeds from the garden. lol

Stormi, happily laying on a sleeping Duke. =P

Duke, relaxing in a hole on the hillside =)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spring 2010 (more soon)

Just a few pics from Spring 2010
More coming soon!

Cute Lil Butchie =)

Isn't he a cutie? lol

They were so little then! lol They ran into the bag to get their feed. lol
I bought these two this Spring at Tractor Supply, my first Chickens.
Love them so much, and they are getting so big!!
One is turning into a little rooster and the other, a little hen.
(more pics soon)


All of this Golden Moneywort started from a small start,
you should see it now, will have to post a newer pic soon.
It spreads like CRAZY!
My Clematis are doing so great this year!
These are kinda plain, need to add more varieties.
Only have a couple types now.
These Hostas and Hydrangea looked "ok" here,
but are crowding each other out, now. =/

Yes, my pond landscaping still needs some work.

One of my newest climbing Roses, not sure of the type?

Some wild "Daisies" of some type.