Sunday, October 11, 2009

Critterville Park, Richlands, VA

These were taken last Sunday,
another dreary afternoon... lol
This is "Critterville" Park in Richlands, VA
Decent little walking trail..

So pretty.. I never really liked Fall, until I moved to Virginia..

Duke.. He doesn't need to be on the leash,
he's really obedient, for the most part.
But.. That pesky leash law.. lol
No, even w/out the leash law, he'd be on it.
He's really skittish around most people,
and if someone (a child, for example) were to run up to him,
I like to have total control of him/the leash.
I think he was getting a little annoyed,
I kept stopping to take pics.. lol

A Park in Lebanon, VA

These photos were taken on a dark and dreary, rainy October day..
I can not remember the name of the park...
It's in Lebanon, Virginia - near the water treatment plant.

So pretty.. Would be even prettier on a sunny day, I would think.

Duke - mid-flight. lol
Duke is part Saint Bernard..
I'm not sure what he is mixed with.
Boxer, maybe?

Posing pretty for me.. lol
Yes, he looks thin. He is kinda thin,
but this angle makes him look very thin. lol
He is an active dog, loves to run and play..
I wish he would put on some weight, though.
You should see his brother, Brutis! lol
Last I seen, he was a big boy!
My cousin Alissa has Brutis.

The leaves, just starting to Fall..

This is a pretty little waterfall at the park..

Hope to go for another walk at this park, soon..
On a pretty, Sunny day..
Get a better picture or two. ツ


This was taken at a park in Lebanon, Virginia..
It was a rainy day, in early October.
My first "Photo Blog" post..... ツ
I had a photo blog before this one, still have it,
but decided it was time to start new...
I figure, since i'm starting new with my "website",
-thanks to Yahoo closing Geocities-
I may as well start
You are still welcome to check out the "old" photo blog,
I'd like to think that this one will be better, in general.
Better organization, more customized..
But then, it may not be. lol
It may end up a cluttered mess, just like the old one. lol
That's alright though. ツ
I will be adding photos, here and there..
A couple here, maybe a couple dozen there.. lol
I will *try* to organize them into categories, to easier keep up with,
if I can.. lol
I will be adding new photos, old photos, even older photos.. lol
Family photos, friend photos, pet photos, event photos,
nature photos, silly photos, pointless photos.
Photos. You get the point. lol