Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Early morning view from my bathroom window..
Fog in the trees

Minorca "Nora" and "Scarlett" the Rhode Island Red

Chickens & ducks..
Notice how muddy the front yard/garden area is staying?

"Silver" is an "Easter Egger" rooster..
Notice the beard.. lol

Silver standing behind Bettie,
my Croad Langshan hen..
Gotta love that fluffy beard!! lmao

This Mama doesn't want me bothering her.. lol
Notice the baby to the right?

Chickens everywhere... lol

Croad Langshan hen
Muscovy drake & 2 hens..

Princess & Sapphyre
This is just a temporary little kennel..
I put them in it for a little while at a time,
otherwise Princess will nip at Duke,
and jump up on him....then he snarls/growls..
And my nerves just can't take it! lol

Mama and one of her babies..
Born on Valentine's Day - 8 days old =)
If I only keep one, this will be that one!
She/he is so spunky, jumps all over the cage.
I opened the hutch does, and he/she leaped out!
VERY lucky I caught him/her in mid air!

He/she leaping back into the nest lol

Mama bunny...think she wants me to leave her alone?
Yeah... I think so. lol

Princess & Sapphyre
Princess was found in the middle of the highway as a small puppy..
So, i'm really not sure what breed(s) she is?
Sapphyre is Siberian Husky X Boxer..

They bath both just had their first bath =)

She was a mess.. lol
She was an outdoor puppy when I adopted her..
And then, she was extra messy from Princess
jumping on her w/muddy paws! lol
She did *not* like her bath at first. lol

I love those blue eyes!

What breed does little miss Princess look to you?

Hunni.. lol

(Sugar Glider)


Malachi & Fallon

Penni & Duke


Little miss Princess
This was taken within a couple days of adopting her =)

Who would dump a precious little baby
like this on the highway? =(

Duke & Princess....before she started getting on his nerves. lol

Hunni & Penni

Miss Priss


Hunni & Miss Priss


Hunni.... lol