Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Princess & Sapphyre
Princess was found in the middle of the highway as a small puppy..
So, i'm really not sure what breed(s) she is?
Sapphyre is Siberian Husky X Boxer..

They bath both just had their first bath =)

She was a mess.. lol
She was an outdoor puppy when I adopted her..
And then, she was extra messy from Princess
jumping on her w/muddy paws! lol
She did *not* like her bath at first. lol

I love those blue eyes!

What breed does little miss Princess look to you?

Hunni.. lol

(Sugar Glider)


Malachi & Fallon

Penni & Duke


Little miss Princess
This was taken within a couple days of adopting her =)

Who would dump a precious little baby
like this on the highway? =(

Duke & Princess....before she started getting on his nerves. lol

Hunni & Penni

Miss Priss


Hunni & Miss Priss


Hunni.... lol

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